There is a right way and a wrong way to breathing.

As soon as we are born, we breathe in air. No matter how naturally it came to us, we never realized that just because we do something well doesn’t mean it cant be improved. Any woman has gone through labor can tell you there is a right and wrong way to breathe. Especially if your anything like me- the dreaded holding of the breathe when things are painful.

If I have learned anything during my yogi journey, it is that learning to breathe correctly is really half the battle. If I’m honest I still struggle with it sometimes. Now that I have learned it though I know many other moms would not only benefit from it, but they would realize that breathing correctly is a form a self care. Something every mother I know needs to do more of. Self care is as diverse as women in general but breathing is really part of the basics.

Our quality of breathing is being constricted by face masks. If you knew how to breathe before, like me you’re struggling now.

Our quality of breathing is not only being constricted, but changing by the deadly face masks. People were in all sorts of hurry before to get into the store and out but nothing compared to now. We have all seen those Facebook posts about taking off a mask is the new taking off a bra. Truer words haven’t been spoken. Now more than ever is learning how to re-breathe been more important. We need the relaxation but more importantly the benefits.

I understand yoga may not be your thing. I understand meditiation may not be your thing. But ask yourself is breathing?

And if so shouldn’t you pay it a decent amount of love and attention?


One of the biggest misconceptions about yoga is that it is self improving. It is NOT. Yoga is uncomfortable, sometimes seems to drag on forever when your teacher just keeps naming moves and you cannot help but think “God is I do chaturanga one more time I may die.” But here’s the thing-

Yoga is Self-Acceptance

I think the biggest reason people hate yoga is that you have to dive deep into yourself. You have to pull out the ugly parts. Why do you have toxic behaviors or abandonment issues? Why do you sell yourself short or have trust issues? Yoga can reveal why all those things are and most importantly how you can change them for the better.

Yoga is revealing what is in your closet and why you put it there..

Sometimes when you do a yoga pose you feel what they call “sensation.” I call it pain-ish… Often times we are told that any kind of sensation- is bad… This is simply not true. More importantly if you run away from the sensation- you will run for the rest of your life from anything that you deem pain-ish. If you are like me, I run from sensation unless I deem it necessary. Yoga will expose those parts of you in a silent loving way. But boy will you feel it the next day.

Yoga is a tribe

Let me clarify. I wear yoga clothes when I am not practicing yoga and alot of my sister tribe does too. Yoga clothes are THE most comfortable clothes you can possibly buy and wear all of the time. BUT they are especially helpful when you are doing so many different poses on any given day. Some are easier than others I will admit but it is the hard ones that are going to change you. I say yoga is a tribe because it is. I can only speak from a woman’s point of view but we all wish to meet those women we met in the club bathrooms in our 20s. You know the drunk nights where every girl in the bathroom is wasted but SUPER loving, open and helpful. The way women were intended to be. I can almost guarantee all those young women practice yoga in some form. Its all love.

As a mom- you practice yoga everyday without knowing it.

Yes. Everyday you practice yoga poses and have no idea you are. We all have gotten so tired of doing forward bends and side angle poses picking up toys we could scream. You do plank when you look under beds for your hiding toddler, child’s pose when they won’t eat lol or savasana when you are just are done with the day pretending to be asleep. See, almost a whole class of poses. Just hold them longer, good deep breaths and Viola! You have a yoga class.

Yoga is love.

I cannot be clearer about that. Yoga. Is.Love. Whether you are open and accepting to that fact is purely up to you. I will say this. In order to completely love yourself, you have to love your shadow too. The negative part of you. Yoga will show you how to love all those parts and more.

10 things I’ve learned about Yoga in this lotus journey

I have learned a lifetime in the short weeks I have been on discovery but I wanted to share a few in case you ever considered training.

1. Silvia Mordini is THE best, kindest and all around person of light I have ever met. Seriously the real deal.

2. Yoga is not religion, it is a philosophy. So many people join the hype surrounding what they think yoga means. My advice? Try it yourself ans stay off google.

3. Yoga is the BEST way to get your toddler to STOP talking. I cannot be clearer about this. Yoga has its own energy that some children are drawn to. They become so focused on doing the poses they are silent which is great for everybody. (Totally kidding!)

4. Yoga is NOT self improvement. Yoga is self discovery. You ever been to a yoga class and seen people cry in poses you deem easy? Alot of that is pent up energy in whatever muscle or joint they chose and it becomes exposed in yoga. Hence tears.

5. My sister tribe is the first tribe I have ever belonged to. They not only are my biggest supporters in my journey but are filled with nothing but love and are judgement free. Get you a tribe.

6. Breathing is everything and half the battle. Like on my other post, there is a right way and a wrong way to breathe. In yoga it is almost hard to keep up if you aren’t use to it. If I am honest- I still struggle but thats okay! just remember just because something works doesn’t mean it cannot be improved. (Thanks for the quote Black Panther-Wakanda Forever)

Enter the space of you class with an open heart. Not every class will be for you but try and then be proud you tried. Yoga is not competition or mastering every pose. Yoga is freedom to be you. There is no losing.

7.Not every yoga teacher looks like barbie. I cannot stress that enough. Most yoga teachers have that divine inner light that gives them this glow. I cannot argue that. I simply say yogi’s are in every shape of the rainbow and do not be intimidated. Yoga will shape you into a more loving you!

8. Shavasana also known as corpse pose- is the hardest pose in yoga. DO not let the laying down fool you. Being completely still, breathing with an empty mind in our busy life is intimidating. Focused and still but completely conscious. Fighting sleep alone makes it difficult but the peace and quiet takes you away completely.

9. Invest in that good yoga mat. In the beginning I bought a cheap mat off ebay. Needless to say my toddler ripped a hole in one end, threw it over his head and ran through my house yelling SUPERMAN! It was cheap and it showed. When is comes to doing poses like crane pose, a good mat will be kind to your wrists. Go ahead and invest. You wont regret it.

10. Buy a kickass yoga outfit that hugs your curves and is comfortable. The better you feel outside the more likely you will e more confident and open with your fellow teacher and classmates. Think of all the outfits you strutted across homeroom to sharpen your pencil because you know you looked good and you had to show it off. Same principle.

Love & Light

Yoga isn’t for me

Let me clarify a few basics misconstrued on the good old internet. Yoga is not a religion.

Yoga is self acceptance

I hear alot of people say they do not partake in yoga because of their personal beliefs. That is great and I am happy for you BUT what if a practice could not only heighten your beliefs but strengthen them too?

I know us moms barely have time to paint our toe nails let along do yoga. But what if I could show you a few moves to do during the day? They say 5 minutes of meditation does wonders, 5 minutes of breathing into self love has to be just as beneficial too right?? Every few minutes of “me” time add up to alot of me time at the end of the day.

This is my goal as I finish my training. To help moms heal, breathe and take small moments for themselves. Time away is necessary but being able to cope everyday with our duties is essential.

I would rather know to love and cope with myself in my everyday then spend everyday dreaming about a vacation when I finally get to cope and love myself.

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